Saturday, 25 August 2012


Entry 11
25 Aug 12


There are several reasons why money is important. I will just list some of the main reason. Without money you would not be able to live in your own house, buy groceries, buy a car or gas. Many years ago, people use to barter. Which meant if I had eggs and you had cabbage, then I would trade you my eggs for some of your cabbage and so on. If I have the money I want to build the big bunglow at the hills. It have many gardens in there. It have  many colouful flowers.We will feel excited when we see the flowers. We can see the sun rises every morning.  Then, I’m also want the swimmig pool in my house. The swimming pool is at the balcony. I can swim to feel my stress. I hope what i dream will come true. So , I must work hard to achieve my dream!!
                                                                  i LOVE money...

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