Monday, 30 July 2012


Entry 1
29 July 2012
  I was walking to bazar ramadhan at 6.50 p.m with my friends.We went a little bit late because we did not want to face crowded there.But it was just my imagination.From far, we could see many people were still at there.Suddenly one of my friends did a joke.Because it was so funny,we laughed loudly. I knew it was not a good attitude but it was something that we need to do to released our tension. Suddenly, one of my friends fell into the drain. It happened in front of the mosque. The guy that she admired saw the incident. He pretend not to see us but we knew he laughed with his friends. We felt embarrassed. So, we decided to cancel our plan to bazar ramadhan and went back to hostel. That day we broke our fast with a ‘sky juice’ and biscuits only. That was the day that we would never forget.

30 July 2012

                            THANK’S  TO GOD

   It happened when my family and I went back home from village.The time was at 1.30 p.m.My father wanted to returned home early because he had work to do.After three hours in the car, my father said that he felt sleepy so we suggest to go to mosque but he refused.So,he asked my mother to drive the car because he wanted to take a short nap.He also asked us to stay awake,accompanied my mother.But without my notice I fall asleep.Suddenly when I woke up my car was moving like a letter ‘S’.I shouted at my father and sister waking they up.We shouted at mother to stop the car.However.she gave no response and just silence.My car only stopped when it hit a big tree.I saw my father flip continuously,my sister cried and my mother trembled.I tried to open the door but it could not be opened.Luckily, a guy came to help us. He lifted us from the car. I saw blood came out from my father’s leg. Later the ambulance came and brought us to hospital. We thanked to God there was no one died in the accident.

30 July 2012

Friendship is a essential in our life. Friendship make our life become colourful and meaningful. Friendship do not be only with the same ages but we can be friends with elder or younger then us. If we have friends who is elder than us,they can give their advice because they have many experiences. For example,if we have some problems they can help us. They can be our shoulder to cry on.we can shared promblems with them. So our burden will be less. Friends can be a good listener. Sometimes they will give a good motivate to us. With the good motivate we will not give up easily and will always look forward to achieve excellent                      

31 July 2012
                                   RAMADHAN AGAIN
It is something ‘special’ in Ramadan month. We need to do the Terawih prayer after Isyak prayer. Everyday, I go to the mosque at 8.30 p.m before azan. I sit in the middle of Jemaah. After we perform Isyak prayer, I will feel very uncomfortable. The fan is in good condition but I do not feel it works. Everyone there feel the same. So, I hope the administrator will add more fans to us make more comfortable to perform our solah. If the mosque is cold. I am sure many students will come  to the mosque to pray together. I really hope the administrator will take action for this problem especially in Ramadan month.

31 July 2012

                                                  MY DREAMS

Everyone has their own dreams including me. When I grow up,I want to open my own boutique. Nowadays, people love to look smart and beautiful. They try new trend to make they look perfect. So, my meaningful boutique can help them to be what there want. For example,they can look smart either they are thin or fat. They can buy the clothes from my boutique. Furthermore, I love many money. It is one of the ways that I can get money. For example,my cousin can get Rm2000-Rm5000 by sewing one bride dress. It makes me think that I can easily get my own salary with business. So, I prefer to open the boutique.            

1 August 2012

                                                   MISS THEM 

I really miss my school time.Whenever we do mistakes, teacher will always advise us. Every day,teachers give motivation to us.My former school was a boarding school.My routine is almost the same.Everyday i wake up early at 5.30 a.m.After that i must go to mosque.the time for me to break is at 1.00 p.m.i get my lunch at the dining hall without any payment.I must line up to get the food.but now i must use my own money to buy the food.I really feel the changes.Here i have to be more independent than my time in school.I also notice that being here is more busy than in school.However i do not care.The most important thing is,i get what i want.It is called success.