Sunday, 14 October 2012

number One for me!

Entry 25
14 oct 2012

My Mother

Hello guys.. Today I want to share about my beloved person that I really love who is my mother. My mother is absolutely amazing. She is affectionate and pious lady. Her name is Nor Aini Bt Mohd Soheh. She is the best mother in the world. She was born on 24th Mei 1963 and now she is already 49. Since I’m in boarding school,  everyday I must called her. I just want  to hear her  voice to get some strength . She always supports me and give me a good advice. If I have any problems, I will share with her. She can solve my problems. If I fell sad or happy I tell to her. She also good in cook. Whatever that she cook is very marvelous. Anyone can't challenge her.  My mother is like my best friend forever (BFF). Anyone can't replace her with somebody. Without her I can’t be what I am now.

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