Monday, 15 October 2012

..Challenge you life..

Entry 31
16 oct 2012
Challenge strengthen our heart

When we are talking about challenges, negative matter will appear in our mind. This is not true.Sometimes, challenge make us become strength This is one story that I want to share with you.. One day, a huntsman was the jungle.He wanted to hunt the deer. After he felt tired, he wanted to rest at the tree. Suddenly,he saw one of the caterpillars wanted to move out from the chrysalis.Because of the hole is narrow,the caterpillar must work hard to move out.The huntsman felt sympathize.So,he helped the caterpillar to move out.After that the caterpillar succeed and became butterfly.After one minute,the butterfly flied it's felt down. The huntsman amazed why the butterfly felt down and died.Do you new why?This is because when the caterpillar wanted to moved out from the chrysalis, it's built the challenge strengthen by itself. But when this process helped by the huntsman, the caterpillar cannot be the strengthen butterfly. So,it died.... These are the reasons why God give us the challenges...!!

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