Monday, 3 September 2012


Entry 18
2 Sept 12

Hye everyone.. Happy Independent’s Day to all of you..yeah..We are now still celebrate the Independent’s Day.  Last night,my friend and I had attended countdown at KMPh. Every year on Independent’s Day I did not back home.So I knew every year the event is same. Since I’m in form 1 before we loud ‘MERDEKA’ about three times  we sing the patriotic song like ‘Keranamu Malaysia,Jalur Gemilang, and Tanggal 31’. ‘Bing,bang boom’at the end of ceremony the firework explode.  All the students saw that  but did they felt and knew the meaning of Merdeka or just they knew we  free from the terrorist?  I cannot answer it..
We must thanked to all the warriors who made our country free from terrorist.Without them we cannot have all the technology that made our country advanced

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